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How does the Refurbishment Analysis work?

We partnered with top architects, developers and investors to gather their practical inputs and feedback on current trends in real estate. Once you request the report, your property gets analysed by our AI software for initial recommendations and costs of refurbishment, and then our in-house experts add relevant actionable tips for you to implement. 

Together with the report, we also take care of :


We assist in finding a refurb loan provider, if needed


We carefully review local contractors and connect you with best ones


Our trusted  partners know how to make a house “investable”


People who understand what the buyers realy like while viewing a house

Additional Products and Services

High-tech solutions allow you to get that additional 1-2% 


Why should professional buyers and flippers have all the fun(ds)!

Refurbishment and flipping market in the UK traditionally consists of professional players who buy and flip at scale. We want to give UK property buyers and sellers the same analysis and tech tools that were previously available only to professionals.


Our refurbishment reports are the first step to to making property investment your career or part-time passion that pays the bills!

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