Property Score

Understand the condition and quality of your properties at scale


When you submit an image of a property, we instantly generate a condition score. We use a combination of quality and condition scores to evaluate a property’s condition using our condition API. 

Photographic images are scored individually and collectively to provide photos and properties ratings on 6 levels (disrepair, poor, average, good, excellent and luxury). 

Using this model, properties are rated in the following ways:

  • Kitchen condition
  • Bathroom condition
  • Interior condition
  • Exterior condition
  • Overall condition

We’ve partnered with real estate experts in the automated valuation, insurance and appraisal verticals in order to validate our model since a property’s condition can be subjective. Using their insights and experience, we developed our six categories that heavily rely on the Uniform Appraisal Dataset. Due to our extensive experience in multiple countries, we have been able to develop a design that is both flexible and adaptable to any market.

Computer Vision in houzen's platform:

What is Computer Vision?

How do computers see? A computer image is created when pixels are illuminated by light. Each pixel has its own color, which is generated by a combination of red, green and blue light. How do computers know what colors each pixel should display? They can’t just look at any pixel in an image—they have to look carefully to recognize an object. That’s where computer vision comes in. 


Using cutting-edge techniques like deep learning and convolutional neural networks, we use computer vision to teach computers to classify images so they can understand what they’re looking at and react accordingly. This could be something as simple as knowing that there’s a dog in an image or as complex as determining whether someone is happy or sad from their facial expression. We apply these machine learning concepts for everything from visual search engines to automatic valuations. The possibilities are endless!

Computer Vision used by houzen:

houzen’s Computer Vision uses orange markers to “tag” various pieces of interior. It does not just spot them, but also values them based on the quality and style: so you would see “new hardwood floors”, “light scandinavian-style sofa” etc. 



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