Asset Management 
in East London

Over the last 5-7 years East London has seen robust growth in residential demand. This has caused a huge influx of tenants who demand good services and good products - meaning asset managers need to start upping their game. 

Find out more about your new potetial tenants in the area and what to offer them for maximum revenue. 

Based on 10,000+ data insights

Demographic and behavioral insights showcasing the most targeted tenants segment in 2019 and 2020

Discover tenant preferences for 2020

Who spends the most on rentals in East London and where will the new 500,000 upcoming tenants in the next 5 years come from?

Actionable recommendations

Tips for your 2020 BTR strategy, crafted by our in-houzen analyst

"As with all other industries, over the past decade residential real estate has become progressively segmented with REIT’s targeting students all the way to senior living. Could this be the way to make the best out of your portfolio?" - © 2019