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We curate custom-made reports for your refurbishment project with a full plan of action. You can then DIY it all – or let us do the job for you!

I want to grow my property value, but…

I don’t know what will increase the value

I don’t have enough capital to make the changes

I don’t think I have the time or expertise to make the changes


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Retrofitting or sustainable refurbs help increase the value of my property?

Energy efficient homes that meet the EPC band can generate up to 12% more in rental yield and 6% in value

All homes have to meet atleast an EPC rating of C by 2025

Investing in retrofitting your property now can save you £17,000 in fines and will reduce utility bills by 8%


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How Carol increased her property value by 7%

Carol wants to sell her 2-bed home in Essex.

Here’s how houzen helps:

New Expected Value


+20% from original value

Predicted using advanced AI Analysis

Carol’s Home Value Today

Potential Increase in her house value by

+ houzen Sustainability

Sustainability recommendations like…

Install Solar Panels

Install heat recovery system

Add Thermostat

Potential Increase in her house value by

+ houzen Refurbishment

Refurbishment recommendations like…

Wooden Flooring

New Exterior Paint

Add Swimming Pool


houzen has collected data about how properties across the country perform on 27 key issues impacting our climate. Let’s see how your home measures up, and what are the suggested changes to positively impact you, your family and the environment.

Our signature combination of AI and experts’ knowledge results in short delivery time and action-focused output.

Retrofitting can take your property from old to new. With some strategic investments into the property you can help increase your property value exponentially. Sometimes it’s as simple as painting the walls or changing up some light fixtures.

That’s the best part, it’s entirely up to you. Our report and analysis gives you the outline to either carry out the works yourself or if you’d rather not, let us take care of it. Our team of experts can manage the entire renovation for you to make sure that everything runs according to plan and so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with the hassle. Not only that but you get a digitally managed dashboard so that you can keep track of all progresses no matter where you are.