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Buyers from Hong Kong

I do not hold a British [or BNO] passport, can I buy a property in the United Kingdom?

Yes. All overseas investors can buy property in the United Kingdom. 

If I am a BNO passport-holder, am I permitted to permanently move to the United Kingdom?

As a BNO passport-holder, you will be able to apply for two periods of 30 months leave or 5 years’ leave. You may then be eligible to apply for settlement and citizenship later on.

If I lease out my property in the United Kingdom while residing in Hong Kong as a permanent resident, where would I be required to pay income tax?

As per Article 6 of “UK/Hong Kong double taxation agreement and protocol”, ‘Income derived  by a resident of a Contracting Party from immovable property […] situated in the other Contracting Party may be taxed in that Other Party’. More information can be found here.

If I sell my United Kingdom property, will I have to pay capital gains tax in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong?

There is no capital gains tax in Hong Kong; Any profits realized from the sale of properties from the United Kingdom will not be taxable in Hong Kong. However, you may be liable to capital gains tax in the United Kingdom. More information can be found here.

Where can I get a mortgage if I buy a property in the United Kingdom?

This depends on your financial situation; However, mortgage options are likely available in both Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. 

How do I purchase a property?

How quickly can I buy a property?

Our current digital infrastructure and credits system will allow you to place an offer as quickly as 7 to 10 days from when you commence your engagement with us. Of course, you can take your time and use the credits over a 12 months period.


I liked one of your deals and would like to get to know more, what should I do?

Fantastic! Our analysts are here to help you assess your risk profile and walk you through the process. All you have to do is click the “Interested? Contact Us” button at the top of the listing page 

Why would I need a buyer’s passport?

Buyer’s Passport is a 1-page document, which allows you to easily present your investor profile to ANY estate agents or consultants. We understand that during the property purchase process, you repetitively get asked the same questions about your investment experience, budget, risk tolerance and your ideal type of asset.

During your first call with houzen’s account manager, your profile will get drafted and sent to you shortly after. We make it easy for you to commence your search process with anyone in the market using Buyer’s Passport.

Will I be able to tour the property myself?

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we offer LIVE video viewings – houzen’s account manager will walk you through the property, and reply to any questions you may have.

How does houzen buy side work?

I am interested in investing. How do I get started?

Getting started is straightforward – just fill in a contact form and we will get in touch within 24 hours. Don’t worry about “not feeling ready” or not having your mind set on a particular property – our account managers are here to help. On your first call, your account manager will discuss your preferences and suggest examples of investment options – no strings attached.


Is houzen buy side a real estate broker?

houzen Buy Side is an end to end tech and data enabled provider/platform which aims to pick attractive investment opportunities through extensive data mining, and subsequently deliver high yield and capital gains. Most real estate brokers and developers are incentivised to sell and hence are focused on creating glossy marketing and sales materials and propositions. Au contraire, we help you buy and hence conduct deep data and financial analysis of each asset on your behalf. 

What is houzen buy side?

Houzen buy side is an investment platform which targets to deliver above-the-market income and capital returns for investors like you. We combine our analysts’ experience with the power of AI to deliver best service, better-than-anywhere-else valuations and full support along the whole process. Read more about our services at .


What is houzen buy side’s track record?

In 2017, houzen launched as a “Rentals Brokerage” to help institutions lease over hundreds of premium properties rapidly, to lifestyle renters. Since then, the houzen team has worked on 900+ units in East and South London alone, and began to match lifestyle renters from UK and Asia with high quality and pre-screened UK stock, to maximise income yield for investors and deliver high customer delight to renters. Over the last 2 years houzen has proved they’re 2-3x faster than the rest of the market, and produce 10-18% higher rental offers. In 2020 houzen became an official partner of Barratt Homes and JLL – and closed multiple sales deals for our clients looking to buy a highly-rentable property in London. 

Where do you get the properties listed on the deals site?

We partner with UK’s top developers and agencies to offer you cherry-picked and highly rentable properties. Each of our partners is pre-vetted for the quality of properties and service, as well as “green” factors of the properties provided. 


How to read and analyse listings on

How do you estimate the discount?

Discount is calculated based on recent closed transactions, historical closure data, relationship and insight on the developers, as well as houzen’s proprietary data from the area.

How do you value a property?

Our houzen AI-driven valuation model uses closed price data and breaks it down across 564 factors such as post code, amenities, eco-rating, number of bedrooms, quality of furnishing etc – to come up with a predicted valued of each components to produce a cumulative predicted valuation of a property.

How does your houzen Buy Side AI work?

Houzen Buy Side’s algorithms receive 1,000s of data points daily, from both public and proprietary data sources. Public sources include Land Registry, Price Paid Data, as well as portal data from Zoopla, Rightmove and others. Proprietary data has been gathered since 2017, and it includes detailed demographic data in each area, rental and price comparables and tenant relocation information, and closed rents in local areas. All this data is collated live to calculate the most accurate valuations as well as projected rents and values. 

What is Zen Score?

Zen Score is our in-house weighted metric to rank the quality of any properties.. We take into consideration all the deals closed recently in the area, and compare property features against them – are they better in terms of location, quality, convenience and sustainability? Maximum score for every feature is 10. 

What kind of data do you analyse at houzen Buy Side?

A mixture of proprietary and publicly available data. Public sources include Land Registry, Price Paid Data, as well as portal data from Zoopla, Rightmove and others. Proprietary data has been gathered since 2017, which  includes detailed demographic data in each area, rental and price comparables and tenant relocation information, and closed rents in local areas.

Where did you get the data for the deals?

Basic data, like listed price, photos, floorplans are received from Zoopla. Additional data points, including cost calculations, predicted value, analysis etc – are created by houzen’s AI and then carefully verified by our analysts. We are only at the beginning of our journey and expect to analyse a stream of disparate albeit important data streams such as social media, neighbourhood business and consumer demographics, and macro changes in order to accurately predict valuations, rental yields and hence pick attractive investments before the market discovers them.

Who else uses your (houzen Buy Side) data?

Since 2017, some of the most influential Real Estate institutions, and family offices have requested our closed rents datasets. Our rental yield data has regularly been used to make multi-million pound investment or asset management decisions. Through our buy-side platform, we are now bringing this institutional grade data to you, so you invest with the same risk weighted confidence.