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How does houzen work?

I am interested in investing. How do I get started?

Getting started is straightforward – just fill in a contact form and we will get in touch within 24 hours. Don’t worry about “not feeling ready” or not having your mind set on a particular property – our investment experts are here to help. On your first call, our experts will take your preferences and suggest examples of investment options and help shape your investment strategy – no strings attached.

Is houzen a real estate broker?

No, however, we partner with over 3,000 of the best local agents in the UK and Asia to help execute viewings and field operations. houzen brings buyers and sellers closer towards executing a transaction by providing transparent pricing data. Houzen analyses and recommends the most relevant properties to buyers, and for sellers, it helps grow the value of the property and prepares it for a quick sale.

What is houzen?

houzen is an AI-enabled property trading platform, and through tech and data, it brings both buyers and sellers closer to the transaction, thereby saving time and money, and increasing certainty of the transaction to take place. It recommends the most investable properties to create more wealth for buyers, and helps prepare the property in the best possible manner for a quick sale. houzen brings transparency and reliability to the process. It constantly collates information on rents and sales from the market and then matches buyers with sellers that have a product in the location, price range, and with amenities that the buyer is seeking. This means houzen can connect deals faster and at lower rates than traditional brokerage firms.

What is houzen’s track record?


houzen launched in 2017 as a data-driven b2b exchange and it helped institutions lease and sell over hundreds of premium properties rapidly, to renters and buyers through a network of over 3,000 agents in the UK and Asia. Since its launch, houzen has proved they’re 2-3x faster than the rest of the market, and produce 10-18% higher rental and sales offers. Houzen’s client list includes Greystar, Barratts, Invesco, JLL and other prestigious brands. In early 2021, houzen made available its tech and data platform directly to buyers and sellers in an attempt to enable even faster transactions.

Where do you get the properties listed on the deals site?

houzen analyses over 1m properties currently listed on different UK property portals. It partners with the top developers and agencies in the UK and Asia to offer investors highly investable properties. Each of its partners is pre-vetted on quality of properties and service, as well as other factors such as sustainability, yield, flip-pability, net returns etc. Therefore, leaving the customer with only the best agencies/developers to execute the deals. 

How to read and analyse listings on

How do you estimate the discount?


Discount is calculated taking into account proprietary data on recently closed transactions, historical closure data, relationships with and insight on the developers.

How do you value a property?

Our houzen AI-driven valuation model uses closed price data and breaks it down across 564 factors such as postcode, amenities, eco-rating, number of bedrooms, quality of furnishing etc – to come up with a predicted value of each of the components. The component values are then aggregated to predict an accurate value of the property.


How does houzen AI work?

houzen algorithms receive 1,000s of data points daily, from both public and proprietary data sources. Public sources include Land Registry, Price Paid Data, as well as portal data from Zoopla, Rightmove and others. We have collected Proprietary Data since 2017, and it includes detailed demographic data in each area, rental and price comparables and tenant relocation information, and closed rents in local areas. All this data is collated live to calculate the most accurate valuations as well as projected rents and values.

Where did you get the data for the deals?

Basic data, like listed price, photos, floorplans are received from property portals such as Zoopla and other digital sources. Additional data points, including cost calculations, predicted value, analysis etc – are analysed by houzen’s computer vision and machine learning models and then carefully verified by our analysts to remove duplication and improve data quality. Soon, we will expand our data sources and analyse a stream of disparate albeit important data streams such as social media, neighbourhood businesses, consumer demographics, and macro changes to predict valuations and rental yields even more accurately, and hence pick attractive investment opportunities even before the market discovers them. This will also create low risk opportunities for passive investors and lenders to invest confidently in residential real estate.

Who else uses your (houzen) data?

Since 2017, some of the most influential Real Estate institutions, and family offices have requested our closed rents datasets. Our rental yield data has regularly been used to make multi-million-pound investment or asset management underwriting decisions. Through our recently launched b2c platform, we are now bringing this institutional grade data to buyers and sellers, so you invest with the same risk weighted confidence as larger multi-billion dollar funds.