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houzen due diligence

Data-backed confidence for your residential projects: 

BTR, BTL, PBSA, Co-living, PRS

houzen’s solutions are used by prestigious brands in the industry:

Deficiencies of current Automated Valuation Models in the UK market

Slow delivery: on average 1 month, by the time the report is shared, some data might already be outdated

houzen’s data is updated daily, bespoke reports can be created in less than 2 weeks  

Doesn’t connect the dots: generic local insights, with no bigger picture overview 

houzen views the whole market and understands the global reach of its clients

Neither precise nor LIVE: majority of the data set is based on historic and public data – this only produces a 20-30% accurate representation of the market

houzen uses current and daily data, not old government reports and has proprietary software and algorithms that create a 90%+ accuracy in its recommendations


houzen’s due diligence reports


lean and deep market analysis produced by a team of new-age data scientists, machine learning engineers and old school statisticians, sales, engineers and private equity professionals who aggregate proprietary market data and produce the most execution-focused reports in the market.


Focused on your needs:

○ Fully customizable (we work on your metrics and deliver in your time frame)

○ Valuable time saved, otherwise spent on data analysis and competitor research

 Net Revenue and IRR% focused strategy 

○ Our turnaround time is about 2 weeks per report

Precise data you can trust:

○ 80% of our data is proprietary and LIVE 

○ Includes local insights + past experience in the market

○ Models consumer wilingness to pay

○ High quality McKinsey-styled reports for extra precision


Our Edge


Our international team has combined decades of experience providing reports in 20+ fields: property, e-commerce, investment banks, aerospace, airlines, hotels etc

Proprietary Data

houzen’s own database of 100,000+ data points from UK residential real estate market, updated daily

International Reach

Offices in London and Singapore, partners in China, Korea, India, 10+ languages covered


Snapshot of houzen due diligence report sample:


Why Our Clients love houzen 

houzen touches on all aspects of the

real estate value chain. We can now

look at residential data in a way that

is complete, timely and live.




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