The same platform you love, but even better

Houzen has been listening and we’re happy to announce that we’ve made some changes! We have some exciting new features we’re going to introduce to make your experience even better. 

What's new

Now, a new and improved platform that will make it easier than ever to manage your properties and applicants. We want to ensure you focus on growing your business and doing what you do best. 

Some of the new features

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Easier to use

Our new platform was designed with your usability in mind. With a new clean look, working on our platform will be a walk in the park. 

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Intelligent matching

Thanks to our AI our platform can now recommend properties for your applicants. 

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Automated payments

Now, all invoicing and payments are automated. Meaning there’s one less thing for you to do! 

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We have some exciting programs that will help market yourself better. 

What Hasn't Changed


Houzen Support

Our dedicated team is always ready to help you.



All Houzen listings are still on the platform.


Viewings Process

Booking a viewing is still as easy as it was before.

Next Steps

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