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We connect over 870+ real estate agents, developers and BTR operators that are looking for qualified applicants or properties. We want to make your exchange as smooth as possible.

Looking for applicants or properties? We can help

XChange was created with you in mind. We know how difficult it is to close a deal, what’s worse, is when you’re so close to finalizing a deal and it just doesn’t work out. Either the applicant wants another property or the property is let out. We want to make sure that you always have a back-up. If this seems interesting, read on. 

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Looking for properties?

With XChange you can get live access to suitable listings that you can close today. The platform lets you view the property details, book a viewing and lets you secure an offer. We take care of the back-end admin, all you have to do is have the right applicant.

Looking for applicants?

Our vast network of partners will bring you an additional 2-3 offers from pre-vetted and qualified applicants with a willingness to pay. These individuals are on the brink of buying or renting and your property could be the one!

Over 870 agents use XChange to source properties

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Meet Carmel Gray, last quarter she closed an additional £16,000 in revenue

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