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houzen launches instant investment analysis;
leaves human valuations and rent calculations far behind

Summer usually slows companies down – but not us! houzen’s tech and investment team have just launched property investment tools never seen in the UK before.

Here’s what a global institutional investor, and an early-adopting user says:

“houzen’s computer vision led Sale and Rental Yield data is accurate and comprehensive. We have an ambitious investment mandate in UK residential, hence we evaluate multiple strategies: development or forward funding of sustainable, single-family, student, blended Private Rent Sector+For Sale. We spend so much time trying to collect and collate data to underwrite assets, or market analysis. houzen’s investment analysis quickly gets us to a go/no-go decision, and the quality of reports is unmatched in the industry. We easily see these tools becoming our competitive edge, as we look to deliver 10,000+ units in the UK.”

Computer Vision enables the computer to “see” pictures, floorplans, and “read” all digital content on millions of homes in minutes; then (i) identify rooms, (ii) identify amenities and appliances, (iii) rate the quality of a home’s interior and exterior.

Visit and click on any property – when you hover over the orange circles, you will notice that the computer identifies rooms, amenities and quality of amenities.


The computer converts the (i) visual and readable info into quant data, and marries this with (ii) houzen’s proprietary data on recently closed sales and rents in the area, (iii) last 12 months list price vs land registry data, and (iv) yield and sales price predictions from other data sources. A comprehensive machine learning AutoML model is run to create comps and reduce error rates. Finally, two math equations for valuation and rent per square foot are created based on an exhaustive list of factors (e.g. rooms, amenities, quality), and a dynamic weightage is attached (e.g. intrinsic value and latest market demand for the respective factors). E.g. in Covid times, homes with large gardens have received a price bump.


Single-Family Rentals, Build To Rent, Student, Private Rent Sector, Buy To Let, Flipping/i-Buying, Sustainable/Energy efficient homes, Long Yield, New Developments.

We are looking to deploy our tech stack into more pioneering residential investment funds and operators now. Please get in touch: we love a healthy geeky debate 🙂

Also, we are raising £1m+ in equity to deliver our immediate tech roadmap and urgent tech deployment requests from prestigious clients. If you would like to support our cutting-edge Tech and Investment Data roadmap and be an early investor in the next global PropTech, please get in touch with Joe:

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