4 solutions making real estate more sustainable in 2021

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4 solutions making real estate more sustainable in 2021

Proptech is the latest tool in the battle to become more sustainable within the real estate industry. The impact of sustainability on the bottom line of properties has never been more obvious to owners than it is right now, as property stakeholders increasingly care about ethics in building and operation. Real estate experts say proptech and sustainability are likely to have a major impact on the future of the sector. 

Source: “Better business, better world”, Business Commission Sustainable Development, Jan 2017

New players emerging on the sustainability horizon

We have listed 4 upcoming real estate solutions that focus on providing not just fast and accurate services, but ones that provide sustainable solutions during planning, development and sales processes. 

By combining 3D modelling and data analytics, VU.CITY provides tools for city planners and developers to model their proposals and immediately verify them against accurate surroundings. With the platform, people can visualize, analyse, and collaborate on future built environments so that better decisions can be made.


The Digital Construction firm Modulous designs, manufactures and delivers sustainable affordable housing projects across the UK using a software platform. Using Modulous’ software platform, the construction sector is able to streamline design and overhaul inefficient logistics. A precision-engineered apartment product is part of Modulous’ software that allows high-quality, affordable, and sustainable homes to be designed by computer and delivered to a specific price.

This platform can be used to design modular buildings. By using this, developers and housing groups can specify the kind of building that they want, receive a detailed view of the local planning regulations and quickly generate detailed cost estimates. Each building component is mapped within the system so that the carbon footprint of every building can be monitored and measured on a mass scale.


Kreo Software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to rapidly generate building design options at the concept design stage. Companies can test more environmentally friendly solutions both in terms of cost and aesthetics from day one of planning.

houzen’s most recent digital product is designed especially for property owners who are keen to improve their homes in terms of sustainability. Reports are created by AI – which scans property photos, “reads” them and summarises the current state of “green” solutions present. Then houzen’s in-house analyst takes over and drafts a plan of proposed improvements, together with cost sheets and contacts to recommended service providers. The sustainability report is an action-based solution for those property owners who care not only about their home’s comfort and design, but also its future impact on the environment.