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4 online tools for data-oriented property investors in the UK (plus bonus!)

Real estate investment is still considered one of the safest and most attractive asset classes in the UK. However, it’s not for everyone and there are some major barriers and issues that potential investors face. According to “UK Residential Property: Institutional Attitudes and Investment Survey 2020” report published by IPF research, there are multiple issues faced by investors. Major ones include:

  • Difficulty to achieve scale
  • Lack of liquidity/insufficient market size
  • Income yield too low
  • Unattractive pricing 
  • Too difficult / management issues

Online tools to the rescue

Many of these issues, however, can be mitigated by using data-based online tools available for property investors – they help in making faster decisions, provide added certainty, automate communication and allow to pick properties with the highest yield. We’ve picked a set of great tools for investors in the UK  to use on a daily basis.  Here they are:

In part, the Property Detective website is designed for people who are not investors but are buying a property. That does not mean investors are not able to use it, however.

The site provides you with a range of detailed statistics about the area you are interested in. Just enter the postcode of a property you are thinking about buying.  It’s a fantastic first step if you are considering purchasing a property outside of your city or area.

You can use this information to help you determine the type of tenant you are likely to attract and how best to re-market the property on re-sale. You will find school reports, crime data, local demographics, flight paths, etc.

To get started, you just need to enter a postcode on the Property Detective website.



We at houzen are huge advocates of data-driven decision making – and Property Data is a nice little tool that can empower any investor to look at a comprehensive real estate data in a new way.

By evaluating local market performance, comparing areas that interest you, and benchmarking rental rates, the platform can help you identify where to invest.

If you’re serious about investing, it’s well worth a go. Visit Property Data website here.



The Rated People have you covered for any work that cannot be handled by you directly.

Over 50,000 local tradespeople on the site cover the whole of the UK, so you can find someone who is capable of doing the job you need done, at a fair price.

A tradesperson’s profile will display any reviews for past jobs they have completed, so you will know they can be trusted with the work you need.

Rated People is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways to hire tradespeople to work on your property portfolio.


A simple browser plugin that could make a huge difference in your property sourcing process. While using Zoopla or Rightmove, you can only see current listing pricing. But what if there was a way to see all the pricing history, including potential discounts? This way, your negotiation power increases and you know much more about the property’s sales journey. This is exactly what this plugin provides. 

The price records are crowd sourced and shared between all users of the browser extension so you’ll often find history already exists when first viewing a listing.

You can quickly gain more data for your property investment decisions by installing the browser extension.

Register for Property Prospector to receive alerts when the asking price changes or when a property comes off the market. You can also compare all investment properties you’re considering in Property Prospector, such as yield, ROI, and more  

houzen’s AI valuation tool analyses any UK property based on a Zoopla or Rightmove link, and provides a recommended valuation created using Computer Vision. 

It’s a first of its kind fully automated process that takes into consideration over 200+ factors: including size of rooms, quality of furniture, garden quality, neighbourhood safety and sustainability. You will be provided with a suggested price within just 5 seconds, and it can become a powerful negotiation tool for any investor.

Give it a try by clicking the banner below:

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