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5 property investment podcasts recommended by
team houzen - 2021 edition

Looking for a couple of easy to digest, short podcast episodes filled with real estate investment knowledge? We love to catch up on podcasts during the commute (although some of houzen’s team members also enjoy listening to them… in the bathroom – well, each to their own). We’ve gathered 5 good quality podcast channels for you to pick from – let us know if we should add any of your favourites to it as well!

*since we are focused on the UK property market (and we love it!), we have picked mostly UK podcasts for this list – stay tuned for an international edition!

EG (Estates Gazette) Podcast

If there’s one good resource that you should sign up for, e recommend EG’s newsletter – it’s full of news highlights, but also invites for webinars and podcasts about real estate. For quite a while, EG journalists have been recording and publishing interviews and debates dedicated to recent hottest topics in the industry, or in-depth discussions about the future of it. Podcast guests include PropTech gurus, legal experts, property developers and consultants and specialists in property management, sales and the rental sector. 

The podcast’s most recent episodes have covered topics such as risks to the real estate loan market created by Covid-19, approaches to sustainability and a spotlight study of the future of Birmingham.

Listen on iTunes | Listen on PodBean | Listen on Podomatic

Honest Property Investment Podcast

Natasha Collins talks about a broad scope of topics related to investments – and she does it in her signature, honest manner. Just view her “About Us” section to get a feel of how straightforward she is – if you’re looking for a podcast that talks more than just typical cliches, you might enjoy this one. Even though she is now based in the US, Natasha’s knowledge is mostly based on UK properties – both commercial and residential. Recent topics include “25 ways to find the money for the deposit”, “Pros and Cons of Residential Property Investments” and “How to avoid disasters in commercial real estate investment” . 

Listen on Anchor FM

The Property Nomads Podcast

This is more of a “wholesome” real estate podcast. Focusing on the human side of properties, covers anything from how to buy your first buy to let to exploring historical buildings and the impact they’ve had on civilisations, to the impact of climate change on your portfolio. 

Most recently, the podcast has explored ways in which you can grow your property business despite Covid-19, top book recommendations and the topic of matching up developers with investors.

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Stitcher 


Inside Property Investing Podcast

Mike & Victoria Stenhouse, manage their podcast and website professionally – on top of chats with guests, introductions into new tech solutions, you will also find some checklists and materials to download and help you with your first investment. It will strive to be your single resource for news, advice and inspiration to help you succeed on the property journey.

Listen on iTunes I Listen on Spotify

Your Property Podcast

Your Property Podcast is brought to you by Your Property Network Magazine, the UK’s leading magazine for active property investors. hosts Ant Lyons and Angharad Owen will be talking to some of the UK’s most knowledgeable property investors and discussing hot topics each month giving you the knowledge and inspiration to become a successful property investor and entrepreneur.

Listen on SoundCloud



About houzen 

houzen is an AI and data-driven platform that recommends the most investable homes, to maximise returns. Houzen delivers certainty in investment returns, by offering a digital investment infrastructure which till now was only available to large funds. Buyers and sellers can now fast track property transactions with confidence:

  •  by using instant financial analysis on all UK homes, 
  •  accurate valuation and rental analysis,
  •  sustainability ratings for the climate minded,
  •  refurbishment analysis to identify flipping opportunities,
  • sourcing off-market and discounted homes

The AI platform also works with the best performing local agents in UK and Asia to optimise the sales and leasing process for homeowners



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